Bacteria propaganda

You hold your lovers hand, thats full of bacteria.

You give oral sex, your mouth is full of bacteria, “downstairs” is full of bacteria.

Dont tell me you spray dettol down there!

You “eat ass”, mouth to anus contact! That is full of bacteria! Yet we dont stress about catching ecoli whilst doing it.

You cant escape these dreaded germs and bugs. They are floating in the air, outside in side, in air conditoners, in offices away from nature. On the streets, man who is sick coughs 1km away, your floating in that same air. The wind blows it around, its full of nasties floating covering your body going into your system through your skin into your eyes.

Your computer desk, full of bacteria. Your couch, full of bacteria.

Money, full of bacteria. The door handle at the Dolce & Gabbana shop, FULL OF BACTERIA.

Anti-bacterial sprays and gels are a waste of your money, and are simply toxic.

Its a bizarre fantasy that you can control and win the war with bacteria.

Not only are you hardly doing a thing to bacteria by using these anti-bactieral products, you are also weakening your immunity and poisoning yourself.

This Chemical warfare on living cells and bugs will never ever be won. Your may nearly wipe them out, but they will just return in full force stronger than before.

So you would have to keep upping the strain of chemical making it more potent for a more potent bacteria, making it more toxic and detrimental for your health. Until you cant even walk on earth without “catching” something and becoming ill.

Often people who try and stay “sterile” day in day out, when faced with new bacterias, like a raw egg or slightly undercooked chicken they get sick. This is because there immunity to bacteria has been bombed in chemicals. Their body is bleached with harmful unnatural things so the body doesn’t know what to make of it.

The funny thing is, bacteria and germs, will not make you as sick as using these harmful anti-bacterial chemicals do. Bacteria is doing you good. Not harm.






anonymous and vulnerable


the mystery

its all very weird

i feel often like im crampt

im looking for answers but i dont need an answer.

That thing called being, that thing called flow, the flow of life.

Is it really that simple

my thinkings not simple. I think it ought to be different. This creates confusion.

I am what i am, what is my heart,

i hate this feeling of been stuck on an intellectual plane all the time.

I dont want to be intellutucal

i am what i am. but, still, i feel shallow on how i see the world and life. how i see nature.

Who would settle for shallow?

I dont really know what i am,

i feel like im chasing after something i dont really want, but i do aswell.

you know, someone deep and intersting, someone heavily spiritual. not an intellect, a heartfelt human being close to the earth. a feeler, a thinker, someone free, with his whole  being rooted to the earth and the wide open jounrey of life.

I cant be what im not, fuck this battle seems to wager on, il go on if youl read on.

Do i fantasise of been someone im not, yes i do

i want to feel alive with a sense of now

i want to live a rich life with passion and celebrate it

well, i am doing that. But i dont seem enough for this thinker

im already perfect

im already loveable

im beautiful to people to animals to plants to nature

im a good hearted bloke with a lot to offer

i have an opened mind and am passionate about things

im hard on my self and dont know how to be

im not some god,  im writing this to myself

i feel like im writing this to another separate self that talks and listens.

it make truth of things,

the ego you could call it.

I dont know yet how to be.

i have these expectations,

my mind, these thoughts, thoughts create shit

i have be be good enough for someone






Circle of thanks

Out in bush 

Made a stone circle thanking bush

I stood Inside the circle, then step tout. It had a special way about it.

a circle of stone.


sometimes it feels like the magic release for congested creativity

is within the stone you hammer on with a blunt pick axe.

no meds

Didn’t end up taking meds today.

Only towards the end of the day,  when coming in to contact with others, everything has an edge on it. The anxiety cuts you. Confusion has come up. Someone moves the food container after i say something. I think i caused that. I caused a negative reaction.

Peoples eyes, i think for certain they are judging something i did. Like i have done something wrong. Its fucking weird. The funny thing is, most of the time this internal conflict, what you think is true, what is happening, influencing people etc, isn’t influencing people one bit.  I just think it is.








aghori vid

aghori stuff starts at 13:00..

The dark aghori is often apporocahed by these reporters and camera crew. Hes angry at society.. Hes not really considered an aghori. Aghoris are nomadic. He seems like a sorcerer.


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