nice people try to be kind

kind people try to be nice.



before you go to step on the ant

just remember that you are the ant

and you wouldn’t want to be stepped on.

the spiritual kill

This Sunday morning i went out diving looking for a fish.  I was after a small luderick.

Soon after jumping off the rocks into the water i was seeing luderick flying past in their many numbers. Hurling along on an angle as they do.

I held my spear gun out in their direction. But didn’t shoot.

The further out i went the more i came across. Large ones, but were too weary of me.

4-5 metres down i spotted a sized morwong grazing on the bottom. I went down and took aim but he was cagey and took off.

Another 15 or so metres out, big groper cruised by, as well as yellow tails, tailor and salmon.

Down 5 metres  or so was a few sizey moeys bunched togeather.  I kept looking else where. Then seeing off to my right was yet another nice sized morwong. It was busy on the bottom. I inhaled and went down to it, took aim and shot the fish,

Precisely where i had intended to. Through the skull killing it instantly.

It was a great satisfying feeling. I had done my job. Food was mine.

Cruising back the fish on the spear, i began to ponder about connection and the real art of spearfishing.






I guess i could call myself a feral, rather than a hippie. A feral will do things a hippie will not.  A feral was once a hippie. A free stable mannered soul, a being of peace and love.

Now a fish head eating piss drinker scrounging around the bins on a street corner.

A cagey specimen is the feral.  I could be 75-80 percent feral.  Ferals tend to be animal wranglers they like to spend time with dogs.  They like to spend time in caves alone.

You could say an aghori is purely, undeniably  feral.

Some people never go feral.



random post.

It was a dry place inbetween worlds. A realm of coffin cars and dismal heat.

Dry and shadless, churches define the winding route in an alien world.

Satalite dishes, steep driveways, banquet shops. Everything is ancient in a second hand dismal way. Through a childs eyes, the shopping court is a fake reality. Its the raw glimpse of nature: the tourtured tree in a parking lot on a canberra sunny day. The smell of cold sticks to the end of your nose. Its time to pack up and go home again

to a more reality.

On the back of a boo book.

the middle of the night

the sweet spot of silence

spreads up the streets

theres a dog on a lawn

it looks for a warm bed.

Feel the open air

and the crescent moon

slowly crusades into picture

from without a monolith cloud.



two masters to collide


Guillermo Rigondeaux

of Cuba a 2 time Olympic gold medalist with an amateur record of 468 fights with only 12 defeats and pro record of 17 wins 0 losses and 11 kos, an absolute master of the sport, often said as the greatest amateur boxer in the history of the sport and one the most talented and technically gifted pro boxers of the modern era, a giant in the boxing world Guillermo “el chakal” rigdonduex has a hard time getting an opponent to show up because he is simply that good. Not to the mention he is so often booed in most of his fights due to his pure boxing ability in that he makes you miss and makes you pay. The problem is, the opponent knows this and so there is never much of a fight!

Its rare enough to have but one pure boxer of this nature in the sport,

yet alone two boxers who are equally as gifted.

Vasyl Lomachenko

of Ukraine takes on the cuban master. Tho Vasyl “hi-tech’ lomachenko who is also a 2 time olympic gold medalist with a amateur record of 369 fights with but one loss which was avenged twice. Is apparently going to win, according to other boxing champions and boxing analysts world wide. But i don’t think its going to be so easy for him.

Vasyl has but only 9 pro fights to his name, with 7 kos and one loss. Which was really just a case of too little too late against a well seasoned opponent, who had no powers against him, and this was probably why lomachenko was in cruise mode for the entirety of the fight.

Lomachenko is tricky, hes agile, he defies the matrix, literally running cirles around his opponents at will. A magican the david blaine of the boxing ring.

But rigonduex is, smart, almost cheeky in the ring, he does what he pleases, he sees his opponent and sets nasty traps that they always fall into with detrimental effects.. Hes extremely poised, waiting, relaxed. He hits with a thud, breaking opponents jaws on multiple occasions.

Vasyl lomachenko is taller, but rigonduex has the longer reach. Rigondeux is also alot older, but i think this may lead to his advantage. He may just school the 27 year old lomachenko.

Lomachenko fights like every round is his last, constantly pushing his opponents finding cracks in there defence. Hes also extremely sharp footed, very fast on his feet. On the other hand the cuban master rigonduex fights quite slowly, only striking and exploding only when he feels the need to. He is precise with everything.

Hi-tech, is busy, rigondeux is slower.  Again He takes his time more. slowly deconstructing his opponent until they hit the canvas or simply give up.

lets say rigo is a pure old school boxing ring master that has seen it all. And vasyl lomachenko is a much younger modern day technician. A pure boxing machine.

I have a thing for rigos style and him as a character and i hope he wins.






A wierd one

moonlight clyde

on the edge of the sand

whale spit blows in on the land

the tide is high

the water is calm

the island lighthouse flashes

an indigenous spirit follows

pied oyster catchers raise the alarm

he is not alone

and it can not be explained

the moon will shine

and stain the skin of a white man

who wanders up the beach

as an outcast away from society

just a sillouhette of dogma

to an open mind

who finds peace in the wierd,

and wonderful.


Bacteria propaganda

You hold your lovers hand, thats full of bacteria.

You give oral sex, your mouth is full of bacteria, “downstairs” is full of bacteria.

Dont tell me you spray dettol down there!

You “eat ass”, mouth to anus contact! That is full of bacteria! Yet we dont stress about catching ecoli whilst doing it.

You cant escape these dreaded germs and bugs. They are floating in the air, outside in side, in air conditoners, in offices away from nature. On the streets, man who is sick coughs 1km away, your floating in that same air. The wind blows it around, its full of nasties floating covering your body going into your system through your skin into your eyes.

Your computer desk, full of bacteria. Your couch, full of bacteria.

Money, full of bacteria. The door handle at the Dolce & Gabbana shop, FULL OF BACTERIA.

Anti-bacterial sprays and gels are a waste of your money, and are simply toxic.

Its a bizarre fantasy that you can control and win the war with bacteria.

Not only are you hardly doing a thing to bacteria by using these anti-bactieral products, you are also weakening your immunity and poisoning yourself.

This Chemical warfare on living cells and bugs will never ever be won. Your may nearly wipe them out, but they will just return in full force stronger than before.

So you would have to keep upping the strain of chemical making it more potent for a more potent bacteria, making it more toxic and detrimental for your health. Until you cant even walk on earth without “catching” something and becoming ill.

Often people who try and stay “sterile” day in day out, when faced with new bacterias, like a raw egg or slightly undercooked chicken they get sick. This is because there immunity to bacteria has been bombed in chemicals. Their body is bleached with harmful unnatural things so the body doesn’t know what to make of it.

The funny thing is, bacteria and germs, will not make you as sick as using these harmful anti-bacterial chemicals do. Bacteria is doing you good. Not harm.





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